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Michael D'Alessandro Lena

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Michael D'Alessandro Lena is a Director, Writer, and Producer of fictional narratives and Music Videos. Working on both short and feature length films, he is perhaps best known for his work on the films 'Love is Always Losing' and 'Lemonade'. He is currently working to write and direct an untitled feature film, making it the first feature film of his career.




Louis Melvin, a solitary and widowed man bound by painful memories, must now find the parts of himself lost along the way.

Writer, Director, Producer

-With a larger budget for an indie short , the film demonstrates the ability to tackle not only small, but larger independent projects.

-Directed a cast of 6

-Directed the same character, played by three different actors, at different stages in their lives.

-Helped create an interesting setting across a variety of locations by working closely with Production Designer and Cinematographer. 

-Directed original score, written by Adam Troy, to help achieve a concise emotional connection with the audience.

-Came in under-budget


A young woman has wonderous dreams of adventure and awakens with an altered perspective on what it means to be alive.

Director, Co-Writer, Producer, Production Coordinator


Good Bye

A man must come to terms with his own demise as he transitions from life into death, guided by the spirit of a mysterious cloaked woman- someone close to him in his previous life.

Writer, Director, Producer


Love is Always Losing

A reserved, young punk determines to overcome his shyness and connect with his crush: a man cut from a very different cloth- a techie-jock consumed by his own ego.

Writer, Director, Producer

-Multi-award winning short film with awards including Vegas Movie Award of Excellence for Best LGBTQ Film and Indie X Film Festivals' Outstanding Achievement award.


Gold for Fools

(Directed by René W. Solomon)

Raised in rural isolation by an extremist Hasidic sect, Chaim is torn between his devotion to his grandmother, an aging Holocaust survivor, and his attraction to a sexy blond in a Liberty car insurance ad.

Associate Producer, Production Coordinator

-Worked with Mr. Solomon to raise funds 

-Set crew-deals and coordinated rental rates and dates

-Managed Production Assistants On-Set


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