A new film by Michael Lena

The Story

LEMONADE is a short film about a man letting go of the past and, in doing so, finding parts of himself lost along the way. The film touches on themes of grief, old age, courage, and fear. Taking place in three locations – a small home, a swimming pool, and a lake – the story is an intimate look into the mind and private world of Louis Melvin. We meet Louis towards the end of his life. He has loved, fought and sometimes fled, and must now make peace with his fears. Louis reflects on his life going back 50 years to when he first met his wife Abbey, who was the foundation and source of Louis’ strength until her untimely death some 20 years ago. Strong as they were together, over those many years of their life, Abbey, who loved to swim, was never able to help Louis conquer his childhood fear of the water. Now wishing to honor his wife, and to confront the grief he has carried, he seeks to find the courage to swim. And although his fear deprived him of the joy of swimming with his wife, Louis finds he can connect to her in one final

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The Cast
The casting call for Lemonade, which took place between January and May of 2021, generated over one thousand submissions (we thank them all!), which was then narrowed through interviews and auditions to fifty candidates for the six roles.  We are proud of the cast we have assembled.

The Crew